Jatayu Moksha

This describes a part of the epic Ramayan. Based on verses selected from Tulsi Ramayan the ballet unfolds itself with Ram, Sita & Laxman entering the forest.
  • Description of Panchavati, Ram & Laxman building the hut, Sita collecting flowers.
  • After Ram & Sita have retired into the hut & Laxman is busy elsewhere, Maarich the demon enters. He transforms himself into a golden deer, dancing & prancing around to attract Sita's attention. 
  • Sita comes out of the hut & herself tries to catch the deer, but fails. The deer goes away into deep forest. Sita calls Ram & begs him to go after the deer - she wants the golden skin.
  • Ram obliges, but before going he tells Laxman to take good care of Sita, as the forest is full of demons & wild animals.
  • Ram goes after the deer & there is a fierce chase. Ram kills the deer; but the deer becomes Maarich & cries for help in the voice of Ram. 
Here Sita hears the cries & pleads with Laxman to go to his brother's help . But Laxman has promised Ram not to leave Sita alone. He refuses to go. Finally Sita orders him to go. Laxman draws the three famous lines with his arrow - 'Laxman Rekha'. He tells Sita not to step out. She will be safe & protected inside the Laxman Rekha. Laxman goes.
  • Ravan the demon king arrives in his chariot. Transforms himself into a bhikshuk begging for alms. Sita hears him & comes out of her hut. Till Sita is inside the three protective lines, Ravan can do nothing. Ravan cannot accept alms from a forbidden area. With great fear Sita steps out of the three lines. Ravan reveals his real demonic self and abducts Sita. 
  • While Ravan is flying away with Sita in his chariot the huge bird Jatayu stops them. A fierce battle ensues between Ravan & Jatayu. Jatayu is seriously injured, when Ravan cuts off one wing. Ravan flies off with Sita leaving, Jatayu writhing in pain.
  • Here, Laxman meets Ram in the forest & they both rush back. Not seeing Sita anywhere near their hut, they go on a search in the forest. They see Jatayu, who tells them what has happened. And then Jatayu dies in Lord Ram's arms.
  • Jatayu attain's moksha. Through Ram, Jatayu's soul is liberated.
Concept & Choreography as a solo dance piece: Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra
Choreography & Visualisation for the ballet: Jhelum Paranjape
Music: Pandit Raghunath Panigrahi
Artists: 6 dancers, 3 backstage.
Lights: Arun Madkaikar
Duration: 30 or 40 minutes

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