Chitrapat Ke Krishna Kanhaiya

Chitrapat ke Kanhaiya’ is about the classic love story of Radha and Krishna, from Krishna’s birth to the moment he leaves Radha and the gopis, to be a part of the great war of Dharma – all narrated from Radha’s perspective.  The story is woven with the help of golden Bollywood hits which add glory to this epic love saga. The beauty of this ballet apart from the story and music itself is the combination of two beautiful classical dance styles – Odissi and Kathak.

Celebrations in Nandgam

Yashoda and Nand with the Gopis
Radha narrates her memories and experiences, the joy exuberated by the entire Nandgam, when Lord Krishna is born. She talks about his relationship with his mother Yashoda.

Young Krishna
Radha describes Krishna’s playfulness through the song  ‘Bada natkhat hai re…’ and his innocence when he gets upset that Radha is fairer and He the colour of night through, ‘Radha kyun gori, mein kyun kala…’ . Radha tells us that these were the very traits in Krishna which made Him a favorite among everyone.
Radha goes on to talk her love hate relationship with Krishna’s flute! She speaks of how she had to share her Krishna with the rest of the world, and then even with an inanimate object like the flute. Though she enjoys its enchanting melodious sound, dances to every note when Krishna plays it, she can’t help but think of it as her enemy, for Krishna, Radha feels, forgets everything around him, when he begins to play his flute. Songs like ‘Oh kanha, bairan hui bansari…’ describe Radha’s feelings to the hilt.

Radha and Krishna

Radha with Gopis
The gopis narrate to Radha about how Krishna makes every gopi feel that He is hers alone through the song ‘Mohe panghat pe nandalal chedd gayo re…’, and Radha cannot help but feel jealous. Radha remembers how Krishna then assures her that his only love is no one but the fair Radha herself! The tug of love between Radha and Krishna is seen through the song ‘Madhuban mein jo Kanhaiya kisi gopi se mile…’.

Concept & script : Shashi Binani
Song selection : Shashi Binani & Swapnil Mistry
Choreography : Odissi – Jhelum Paranjape, kathak –Shila Mehta
Artistes : dancers of Smitalay
Costumes : Suhita Thatte
Make up : Ujawane brothers
Lights : Arun Madkaikar
Artistes : Dancers of Smitalay and Nupur Jhankar

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Radha and Krishna

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