"Splendid choroegraphy, visually beautiful and cerebrally provoking." 

 - member of audience.

Narmada is the story of a river.

The river that cuts a vast peninsula into two and in the same breath, joins those two parts into the country we know as India; huge in canvas, splendid in geographical variety, high in historical station and rich in mythology, it is at once a typefication and an epitome of the form of water we know as river; vivacious, bubbling forth, cutting space as she charts her course through the earth, enjoying every moment of fertilizing inch by inch the land she passes through.

Narmada River

River with Adivasis

The river is like a woman. Cutting through life as she heals its divides and gives it Fullness, surging through time as she accords it meaning, cleansing the dirt of all those that come into her contact and yet remaining pure herself, reacting instinctively and furiously to outpourings of natural stimuli with floods of emotional upheaval, making the sediments of the lives around her into fertilizers for their own growth, providing herself as an instrument of travel without forfeiting her station, the woman that is the very thread of all existence around her and yet who lives for each footstep in her tracks that she walks but for her own self and her moksh.

All that is natural is up against all that thrives on manipulation. All that need not be controlled is delineated with boundaries.
But again, Narmada is not just any other river. The tougher the test, the mightier the character that survives. For Narmada, this test is a dam - a dam that it may or may not be judicious to erect, but in its gigantic proportions, gels well in the company of the mighty Narmada - as a friend or as a foe. Mere survival is passé. Narmada shines through all. But how... that is to be witnessed on stage.

The Dam

Concept and Choreography: Jhelum Paranjape
Artists: 28 dancers, 4 backstage
Duration: 90 mins

Watch Video Clips of Narmada - Clip1, Clip2

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