Friends teasing a young maiden in love
Song - "Piya tose naina lage re"


'Sajana hai mohe'

Odissi dance set to raga-based old Hindi film music. Songs selected from the films between 1950 and 1970. the songs depict the moods and emotions of a woman in love, in the three stages of her life: Mughdha - the teenager, Madhya -the twenty plus and Pragalbha - the middle aged woman. Songs describing:

  • A teenager wanting to go out quietly to meet her lover, but does not know what to do - the middle aged woman teaches her how & what to do. (Piya Milan ko jana)
  • Friends teasing a Madhya on her state - as she has fallen in love. (Piya tose naina lage re)
  • And more…..(Sajana hai mohe).

Concept & choreography: Jhelum Paranjape
Script: Bunckim Paranjape
Artists: 6 dancers, 2 backstage
Duration: 40 mins 


Jatayu Moksha | Leelavati | Rang Tarang | Uma | Narmada | Bahinaai | Bollywood Hungama | JalaSRI | Savitri Vadate | Chitrapat ke Krishna Kanhaiya


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Smitalay Students Dipali Tikam, Rupali Kadam and Apurva Dani awarded the 'Odissi Jyoti' title, at the Naveen Kalakar Festival, Bhubaneshwar.