Savitri Vadate

Based on some poems and letters written by Savitribai Phule ; 

‘Savitri Vadate - Savitri speaks’ is a dance theatre presentation by Suhita Thatte, Jhelum Paranjape and the Smitalay Team.

Savitri Phule, modern India's first woman teacher, was born in 1831, in the backward ‘mali’ community. She was married to Jyotiba at the age of nine. It was he who encouraged her to get educated and thus started her journey in social reforms and emancipation of women. In the mid 1800’s, when women in India couldn’t even think of education, she started a school for girls. She was a major figure of her times. The historic disadvantage of caste, class and gender failed to keep her down in the 19th century. She was a total revolutionary, who chose to walk tall in step with her husband, ahead of her time by centuries.

A prolific writer, a pioneer of involved poetry, she could express herself in the most radical and eloquent terms. Her poems and writings are, to this day, an aspiration to many. Savitribai may have perhaps been the first Indian woman to have had her works published. She wrote three letters to her husband in a span of 20 years. These letters are a moving testimony of how her spousal love was inseparable from her great commitment to a wider cause. Savitribai emerges from these letters as an equal and able companion of her husband in the liberation struggle of the oppressed.


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