Smitalay Workshops

Summer Workshop 2004

Smitalay's summer workshop ended with an informal function on the 23rd of May,  where all the participants performed the dance item they learnt in the workshop. Some students even sang, and even played the pakhawaj. Ratikant Mohapatra (son of the legendary Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra)  was present and was very impressed with the presentation. 
Mr. Shivajirao Patil, father of late actress Smita Patil adressing the students after the workshop.

In the fifteen day workshop  the following items were taught to the various groups according to their ability - steppings (chowk and tribhangi), mangalacharan, batu, vasant pallavi, mohana pallavi, aravi and khamaj pallavi, one oriya abhinaya "Baata Chhaada".  

We had students from various age groups. Lets see what many of them have to say. Click here.





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Smitalay Students Dipali Tikam, Rupali Kadam and Apurva Dani awarded the 'Odissi Jyoti' title, at the Naveen Kalakar Festival, Bhubaneshwar.